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Can a Gluten-free Diet Prevent Thyroid Symptoms

If  there’s one thing Americans collectively love, it’s food. The country is a melting pot of different people from different cultures. Americans come from everywhere, and they bring with them the foods and drinks from their native cultures–Italian, Mexican, European, Asian and Indian. And of course there is nothing more American than burgers, fries and a […]

Hashimoto’s Vs. Hypothyroidism

According to the National Thyroid Institute, millions of Americans live with thyroid problems—some knowingly, others unknowingly. These people live with the effects, which include sudden and unexplainable weight gain, hair loss, fatigue and body pain. Some develop cancer, which can significantly alter their quality of life or even kill them. The thyroid, a small, butterfly […]

The Many Faces Of Thyroid Cancer

According to the American Cancer Society, nearly 50,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with thyroid cancer each year.  While thyroid cancer isn’t the deadliest form of the disease—nearly 2,000 people die from the disease every 12 months—it is serious. Treatment is often painful, and the symptoms affect everything from a person’s ability to […]

What Your Doctor Never Told You About Thyroid Hormones

It’s not one of the most talked about parts of the human body, but the thyroid gland is every bit as important to living a healthy and active life as the heart, liver and kidneys. Located in the neck and shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid gland produces a hormone that plays a critical role […]