shutterstock_120329119 If  there’s one thing Americans collectively love, it’s food. The country is a melting pot of different people from different cultures. Americans come from everywhere, and they bring with them the foods and drinks from their native cultures–Italian, Mexican, European, Asian and Indian. And of course there is nothing more American than burgers, fries and a cold beer on a Friday night. Unfortunately, there is one common ingredient in much of this food that is making many Americans sick: Gluten. Gluten is a type of protein found in wheat, rye and barley, which means it’s in everything from pasta to bread to pizza dough, pastries, tortillas, crackers and, sadly, beer. Not too long ago, the adverse effects of gluten on the human body were not well known beyond natural healthcare advocates. But today, even traditional doctors are acknowledging that people with gluten allergies can suffer ill effects ranging from mild bloating and constipation to hyperthyroidism to serious illnesses including Celiac disease. Gluten can and does wreak havoc on the human body, affecting everything from the ability to properly digest foods to hair growth to joint function and even emotional and mental stability. It can and does impede people’s ability to live high-quality lives. But there is good news, especially for people who develop thyroid problems as a result of eating gluten–there are natural thyroid solutions. First among them is to acknowledge that a thyroid problem exists. Signs of a thyroid problem include a lack of energy, rapid and unexplainable weight gain, hair loss and joint pain. Once it’s clear that a thyroid problem exists, it’s time to explore natural thyroid solutions. shutterstock_106058405One of the best ways to address thyroid problems is to try a gluten-free diet. Of all the natural thyroid solutions, gluten-free diets seem to offer the most potential for success. This is because the protein found in gluten is very similar to the hormone produced by the thyroid gland. The result is that the body thinks it has an excess of the hormone produced by the thyroid gland and and the body starts to overcompensate by shutting down the thyroid. Everything gets out of whack–the person’s metabolism slows down, hair stops growing, digestive problems arise. This is because, in reality, the body does not have enough of the hormone to function properly. And that’s why a gluten-free diet is among the most effective natural thyroid solutions. Cutting out gluten by eating the plethora of “gluten-free” foods on the market today puts the body back into balance. It will no longer think it has an excess of the hormone the thyroid gland produces. It will “turn on” the thyroid. And the body will have the proper amount of the hormone it needs to provide energy, burn fat and allow the person to lead a happy, high-quality life.  To learn more about what may be causing your thyroid condition, download our FREE REPORT and diagnose your thyroid symptoms, or schedule an ASSESSMENT with one of our physicians TODAY!