Please call our office 610-518-3370 for the time and date of our next THYROID SEMINAR. 


Depend on coffee to get going or started                                              Eating sweets does not relieve sugar cravings
Feel cold, hands, feet allover                                                                   Irritable if meals are missed
Require excessive amounts of sleep to function properly                  Thinning of hair
Increase weight gain even with low-calorie diet                                    Depression, lack of motivation
Difficult – infrequent bowel movements                                                 Eating relieves fatigue
Get lightheaded if meals are missed                                                       Fatigue after meals
Crave meals during the day                                                                      Agitated, easily upset – nervous      
Morning headaches that wear off                                                            Tired mental sluggishness

When you come to our SEMINAR – the following TOPICS WILL BE DISCUSSED:

1.  Why you are taking thyroid hormones and you still feel lousy.
2.  Why your Doctor says your lab values are normal when they really ARE NOT.
3.  The 7 different patterns to thyroid problems and how only 1 requires hormone replacement.
4.  Why Hashimoto’s Thyriditis is really not a problem with your thyroid
5.  Why doctors do not run complete thyroid blood tests
6.  Natural solutions to correcft your thyroid problems.